Yonah Mtn Hike - Sep 16, 2000

People Pics
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The long approach trail to Yonah
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Various routes to the face
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South from the cliffs
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View north from the cliffs
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The valley along Hwy 75 between Cleveland and Helen
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Stephanie enjoys the quiet view from the cliffs atop Yonah Mtn.
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Climbing is a favorite pastime on Yonah.
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The forest below
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Plants somehow cling to life along the rocky cliffs.
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Wauka Mtn stands in the distance.
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Looking towards the Piedmont from the cliff's edge
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Pink Mtn rises in the near foreground.
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Mountains stretch along the horizon as far as you can see up there.
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A crude panorama from the top of the cliffs on Yonah Mtn. The quality is not very good but you can get the idea.
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